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Skin cancers are a very common occurrence in southeast Texas. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists routinely remove skin cancers. The challenge of the skin cancer removal surgery is to limit scarring. There are many types of skin cancers. The amount of skin removed with these skin cancers is dependent on the type and size of the skin cancer.

Melanomas require the most amount of skin to be removed. Basal cell skin cancers require the least amount of skin to be removed and squamous cell skin cancers require an intermediate amount of skin to be removed. The skin cancer removal process will result in a defect or hole in the skin.

Once the skin cancer is removed, the defect will be closed in a fashion that limits scarring and distortion. This concept is especially important in the removal and repair of facial skin cancers.

The skin cancer removal operations are performed in the operating room. They can be performed with the patient awake or asleep.

Once the skin cancer is removed, the pathologist will evaluate the skin cancer under the microscope. He will ensure that it has been completely removed. The skin defect will then be closed as appropriate.